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Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
upcoming seasons forming now for the rock 'n' roll u.s.a. marathon in march as well as the nike half hair thon in d.c. that -- marathon in d.c. that will be in april. >> thank you for supporting the leukemia and lymphoma society. thank you for being with us. >>> we're going to be in the kitchen with the chef in just a moment so don't go away. i'm be right back. >>> i'm one on one with the owner of al tear ma sue in dupont -- tear ma sue -- tiramisu in dupont, circle. how many marathons do you run? >> i'm -- i've run 11 and i'm going to do the one in october which is going to be my 12th. >> you eat italian food because you're italian. >> exactly. >> you stay in shape. >> yes. >> and you eat pasta. >> i eat the pasta for lunch. just in moderation. i eat a lot of fish because they're very digestible. they have a lot of protein. >> what are these things? >> here they're called -- [indiscernible] the most important, they have a lot of omega 3. a fresh selection arrives every day. >> these fish look beautiful. >> attaching you. >> you brought two -- thank you. >> you brought two prepared dishes
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1